The work continues!


Just a quick update: We removed the vehicles ‘rear end’ at the weekend to assess the damage. It’s not too bad, we need to replace the bumper, boot lid and the missing spoiler – not a big job but sourcing parts locally is the hard bit given that it’s quite a scarce car. One good bit of news – we somehow managed to resurrect the battery – amazing considering it’s been flat for getting on 3 years. Think its probably best to replace it anyway once the additional electrical bits ‘n’ bobs are installed. Oh and we have a radio interview in the pipeline.

Stay tuned for updates as they happen.

Kris – For UKEO Team Captain


Now the work begins!

ForUKEO were handed the keys to a ’98 Honda Accord 2.0L ES Coupe on Friday by a generous Flt Lt from our Unit. She had been lying in the car park for two and a half years and had not been turned over in that time. Flat tyres, cracked windscreen, bit of rust here and there which we initially thought was terminal and a large dent in the boot lid (Also donated by said Flt Lt).

Having checked all her fluids were present and correct Paul (2IC of ForUKEO) and myself thought we would try and jump her off one of our cars. It was decided that Paul’s 3.0L Mondeo would be the best option as my Korean supercar as I like to call her didn’t have the minerals. After a few minuites connected to the Mondeo Paul gave the nod to try firing her up. On the first turn of the key she fired up and was ticking over nicely. We checked all the good stuff and took her a short spin around camp.

No major dramas that we can see – happy days! She’s going to need new brakes all round, a boot lid, windscreen, new bumper, battery, some minor adjustment with a big hammer in the boot area and a set of tyres. Hopefully that will be all she needs for an MOT.

Keep posted for further updates as they happen and remember to donate what you can to Help for Heroes.

Any companies wishing to sponsor the team’s vehicle or help with the repairs, contact us through the form on the ‘Our mission & how you can help’ page.

Thank you!

Kris – For UKEO Team Captain


Kris, the team captain with a poorly battery 😦

We have a car!



The team now have the vehicle’s customisations functioning. I have sorted out the hardware but it was Nico teWinkel, a software engineer from British Columbia, Canada that assisted us in developing the code that will control the hardware. Please have a quick look at the Sponsors & Supporters page to find out more about Nico and the business that he and his wife Naomi run.

Kris – ForUKEO Team Captain

For UKEO vehicle details

Hi folks!

I can now reveal to you that RAF Boulmer’s team vehicle will be a ‘replica’ Sea King helicopter painted in 202 Sqn Search and Rescue livery and will be complemented by ‘working’ rotors, lights and sounds.

Although we do not work for 202 Sqn we thought that customising the vehicle in this way would be a better representation of our unit. The ‘Big yellow helicopter’ is iconic and can be seen flying over Northumberland daily, we think the public and our sporsors will love it.

We’ll keep you posted as the design develops.


Kris – ForUKEO Team Captain


Well hello there!

Welcome to the home of RAF Boulmer’s Banger Run team – For UK Eyes Only.

Our mission is simple – Take a car, costing no more than £250 on a 2,500 mile journey around Europe raising as much money and awareness for Help for Heroes as possible.

To do this we need sponsorship, both for the charity and the team’s vehicle. Please give anything you can to support this great charity, like a certain supermarket chain once said “Every little helps!”

Please take a moment to have a look around the site. It will be regularly updated with photos and will be home to our video blog as the project progresses.

Thanks for your time.

Kris – ForUKEO Team Captain.