Our mission & how you can help

Help for Heroes is a charity set up to care for service personnel wounded in Operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and many other conflict zones. Their work is invaluable and they require a constant supply funds continue carrying out the fantastic work that they do.

On 8 Sep 12 a team from RAF Boulmer will set off on a sponsored 2,500 mile trip around Europe in a car costing no more than £250, driving 7- 8 hours a day over some of the most challenging roads in the world to generate much needed cash for Help for Heroes.

Why are you telling me this I hear you ask?

Our team have a significant outlay for the trip; Fuel for 2,500 miles, Essential repair costs to get the vehicle ready for the trip, MOT, Insurance – both Motor and public liability, Road tax, European breakdown cover so we can get the vehicle back to the UK in the event of a total failure and Ferry crossings to name but a few. The team require  sponsorship for the costs mentioned above and we hope your business can help us.

If you think you or your business can assist us please get in touch using the form below. We will be more than happy to advertise your company on this website, on the vehicle and already have press coverage arranged both Locally and Nationally.

Thank you!

Kris – For UKEO Team Captain


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